katouch_studioAbout Catherine

 French born Catherine Potron, Called Katouch by her family and Friends, formerly studied for five years at the Beaux Artes School in Reims. By 1973 she had gained her fine arts degree – CAFAS – as well as her “Diploma National des Beaux Artes” as a ceramist.

She’s held many exhibitions – of both paintings and ceramic, stone and bronze sculptures – in France and Europe. She was sculptor in residence in the city of Bezieres, had her own studios in Pezenas, Laboule and Joyeuse in Ardeche. Katouch settled in Frenchs Forest where she now focuses on new creations inspired by Sydney’s lush vegetation and magnificent birdlife.

Catherine’s Artistic Journey

 Catherine’s professional journey initially saw her producing ceramics for the yearly Paris Art Fair, but motherhood soon became a priority. Nevertheless she crafted jewellery for a few French galleries. Ceramics and sculpture were her passions in those days. Painting began to become her medium of expression about twenty years ago.

  • 1996 – 1998 Sculptor in residence in the city of Beziers, Villa Injalbert.  
  • 1999 Galerie Cassa Die, La Chaise DieuFrance. 
  • 2000 Chateau d’Aubenas Ardeche, France
  • 2000 Le Pech Bleu, Beziers, France.  
  • 2000 Group exhibition, Royal Academy London.
  • 2001: Galerie de la perle noire Agde.
  • 2001 Galerie des Arts Trigance (gorges du Verdon) Espace Envol Privas, Ardèche
  • 2001 Biennale de Céramique Villeurbanne
  • 2001 Grotte du Roure Banne 07 
  • 2002 5ème Biennale des métiers d’Art Villeurbanne, France
  • 2002 Ecuries Saint Hugues Cluny, Villeurbanne, Galerie Thuillier Paris
  • 2003 Galerie Artop Lille
  • 2003 Buis les Baronnies
  • 2004 Musée Paul Charnoz Paray-le Monial 
  • 2005 Chateau de Vogue Ardeche 
  • 2013 Cellier Lou Bassaquet Mont St Victoire in Provence
  • June 2015: Chateau Thalluyers near Lyon France permanent exhibition 
  • Dec 2015: North gallery Sydney collective
  • July 2019: Privas Ardeche
  • November 2019: Narrabeen Tramshed, Sydney

About Catherine’s Art

Catherine’s refined watercolours and oil paintings combine the soft touch of her palette with a glow that reflects her love of natural beauty. Most evoke calm and a celebration of some sort. At the same time each painting reveals the artist’s quest for peace.

From a young age Catherine drew inspiration from the magnificent architecture of her surroundings, Reims cathedral in particular, expressing her sense of awe through her colourful art.

Catherine’s paintings reveal her talent for combining extreme sensitivity with a uniquely rhythmic touch. This individualistic style enables the viewer the freedom of imagination to discover new vistas and details with every viewing. If one pays attention one will be surprised to discover a detail which brings a smile to the face. In that one detail suddenly the whole becomes obvious, on the other hand it stresses an immense in a world of colours. Colourful poetry is the key. Dream and beauty, beauty and dream are indissociable in this unique expression of the artist’s inner world.


  • 1971  CAFAS Beaux Arts Reims
  • 1973  Diplôme national des Beaux Arts  (Céramique)
  • 1996-1998  Sculpteur résident de la ville de Béziers